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Prof. Bo Nystrom : ICNS6 : 6th International Conference on Nanostructures
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Prof. Bo Nystrom

Prof. Bo Nystrom
Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo, Norway

Bo Nyström is a professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Oslo, Norway. He received his PhD degree from the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Uppsala University, Sweden, in 1978 and became "docent" at the same Institute later. He is elected as a foreign member of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. Professor Nyström has about 220 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

His research activities focus on structural, dynamical, and rheological studies of associating polysaccharides, hydrogels, microgels, responsive copolymers, and nanoparticles. He is involved in several projects on the production of polymeric nanobeads of various natures for drug and gene delivery applications.

Membership in academic and professional committees:

Elected as a foreign member of The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

The Swedish Chemical Society

The Norwegian Chemical Society

The Swedish Polymer Society

European Polymer Federation

The Division of Polymer Chemistry, American Chemical Society

New York Academy of Sciences

Polymer Networks Group

Member of the international advisory committee for the Iranian Polymer Journal

Member of the American Nano Society

Journal editorial board member:

1. Iranian Polymer Journal. Since 2008.

2. Progress in Biomaterials, 2012.

Sponsoring ICNS6